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personal site http://www.shaundaniels.com


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The namelogo is blurry (what are those things under the name?) and the edge isn't sharp. The gryphon looks like an afterthought. I don't really need the date and time on the page.

If it's a personal site the menu doesn't suggest 'personal' stuff (or is that only if I register?). If there's stuff available to registered "members", set up a dummy account so people from here can critique it without registering.
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Your site isn't too bad especially that you have just started with PHP. One I dont like is as soon as I go to the page it tells my I have to sign in! What do I have to sign in for, wheres the bit about what I'm signing up for and whats the site about?

One change you can do is completlly remove that horrid email link and replace it with a contact form. As PHP can send emails, have a look at the mail function for more info.

Also on the register page I noticed you have your login button miles away form your login form. Also the text says Submit Query. I would change that to Login or to something (use the value attribute on your input tag for your submit button) if I was you and move the button more towards the login form.

Anyway not a bad site but the design needs to be woked on and a bit more information needs to be added too, in orderto persuade visitors to register. Also it would be nice if you could provide a nice demo account too just so users can get a taste of what would be expected when they register.
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Well the site is going to be strictly for family and friends, i have a picture gallery, web cam, ftp, mail, etc.. so I really dont want people to be able to access everything unless they login. but i have activated the test account.

user: test
pass: test

this account will have access to the picture gallery

all registering does is allow me to control who can see what, It doesnt require a valid email address, just the valid format.

Also I agree about the query buttons, again this is a work in progress and Im just trying to get the functional parts to work first, ill go back and clean up the pages.

The 3 things below my name are just filler, there was alot of white space.. I have to redo that entire image, as you said its blurry, I think that I didnt expart the image at 100% in fireworks.. that being said, do you think I should leave off the 3 'things'? Im not sure what should go in place of that thoug.. its alot of white space. any ideas?
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The shades of blue in your main page dont match those in the top banner div. I suggest you keep with the blues in your banner.

As the lads said - Fix up that image/logo in the top left.

oooh - why are you using frames??

Why show me the wrong time ;-) -> Fri Apr 28, 2006 04:09 AM. Im here in GMT. Use client side javascript if you must.

If the website is just for family & friends you are going to need to change your registration to include a special invitation code etc.

Your doing some funny stuff with your logout.php also.

HA HA HA - If I go directly to -> [a href=\"http://www.shaundaniels.com/pictures/index.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.shaundaniels.com/pictures/index.php[/a] I dont have to login. :)
I think you need to rethink them frames.

Overall - tis ok. Some bugs left. Im not mad gone on the blues - epecially in the main body.


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