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How to Anchor?

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I am kind of new to PHP, and have come upon a task. We have a large (400 page+) PDF manual with product information listed. We have an ecom website, that offers descriptions, but we would like to link to the very detailed info if they want it. If i was using HTML i would anchor and call the anchor so they can just see the part they need. But 400 pages seems like too many. I would rather have them click the link and only be presented the information that is relevant. Is there a way to put in some sort of anchor in PHP, that will, on call of the page, only display the part that is needed.

Here is my example (very very rough and wrong syntax and wrong code):

sku 7145

(anchor 7144)Item 7144

(end anchor of some sort)

(anchor 7145)Item 7145
This is the information that i need
(end anchor)

Now onc all of page.php?7145 (this is just an example) it would only display:
Item 7145
This is the information that i need.

I know im probably really far off base, but that is what i was looking for. I can comvert the pdf to text then make it php.

Any insight would be greatly appretiated.

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I do not know the answer but....

Pdf's created from a word processor that allows internal hyperlinks may be able to do what you are asking. If you use word to generate the table of contents automatically from header tags then any pdf created is capable of mimicing these hyperlinks. This is similar to the document tree that you can view in word.

Now I haven't tried it but it may be worth you looking into...

Alternatively you could use php to extract all the info from teh pdf and create html or even a database to serve the info from...

For you information - since php can create pdf's it may be desirable to have the catalouge in a database, serve up generated html through php and then get php to create the full pdf document should you need it (image it woudl be a damn site cheaper than your printing company!!! ;) )

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