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[SOLVED] collapse cells inside the table


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when I am creating my website, i am using tables, and inside the tables I have backgroud.

I  have: footer, menu and index. I put: no borders and cell space ="0"

when I save my file using the .php extension the pictures are not collapsed, I have a white gap between cells,

and when I save it using the .html extension, everything is going fine and pictures in menu and footer are collapsed.

What should I do please!!





<table width="95%" height="22" align="CENTER" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

<tr valign="TOP">

<td WIDTH="2480" Align="right" valign="top" valigh="TOP" >



<img src="images/web-salib_01.jpg" width="1884" height="1591" alt="">


<td width="596" align="left" valign="TOP">



        <?php include "menu.php";?>



<?PHP include "footer.php";?>


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I can't remember and i need to nip off, but try border=0 within the image tag??? (it could be link wrapping img, not here, but what im thinking of)


valigh="TOP", should be valign....

i'll have another proper go in a bit, unless anyone else can see what?


can you put align=center in table tag


try running through w3c html check (esp since this is html not php)


what's in menu.php

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