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How do I access strictly to a form field. I am trying to do something with javascript and php, I have a function created in javascript, that I am trying to secure, then I am going to use it with php to validate, what do I do to access a form field. Right now I have a function with onsubmit() and I called it, but I am not accessing the form fields right I tried multiple ways, because I also need to use this to create some classes in php, I tried
for instance my firstname field
I tried test form is the name of my form by they way
I tried
I even tried
nothing here gives me access to that form field. How do I correctly gain access to this,

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can anyone help with this, it's the only thing holding me back< I am still trying to figure out something but everything I try is not working, I can't get the function to access the form field no matter what I put in, I know my own submit works, I have tested that, it has something to do with me accessing the fields, my function structure is good, I triple checked it to make sure I set up everything the only thing I can think of is I am not accessing the form field right.

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okay dude seriously, this is like how many times I and other people have told you that you are asking javascript questions in a php forum. please go to javascript forum to get javascript questions answered. I would be more than happy to help you if i knew javascript. but i don't. that's why i'm here. and so is everybody else.

but nonetheless, i googled "javascript get form value" (google is your friend too) and i think what you are looking for is something along this line:



<form name="blah" method="post">
enter fruit<input name="fruit">

and then

<script = 'javascript'>
fruitchoice = blah.fruit.value;

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