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Where to Start? - Image Manipulation

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Hey All,

I need a bit of help with something im trying to develop.

I'll lay it down and if someone could give me thoughts, code, anything that would be greatly appreciated.

I have a directory ( /var/www/images/ ) where i FTP images of paintings to, the images are all different sizes.
I also have an image of a timber frame.

I want to be able to put the image inside the frame, but i dont want to resize the images ... i want to be able to resize the frame somehow.

I can't just change the size of the frame because if there is an image that is thin, then the frame will look out of whack.

Is there a way to cut up the frame and place it around the image?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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And this must be done by creating a new image? If not, you could just use a HTML table with repeating backgound images to get the same effect...

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I agree. 2 rows wide three rows down. put pictures of the corners of the frame in each of the corners of the table and then just use a repeating background for the sides and top. That wasn't too hard, was it?

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