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php directories on windows

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i consider myself quite experienced at php... but am having a nervous breakdown on something real stupid.

I installed an emulator on a windows computer, and am trying to use php scripts on the pc.

so i do this:
$path = "C:\Documents and Settings\blablabla\Desktop\TEST\\";
$myDirectory = opendir($path);
while($entryName = readdir($myDirectory))
so far so good. I get a list of the directories within $path.
[0] => .
[1] => ..
[2] => 640x800
[3] => 800x600
[4] => 800x800
[5] => BuffMonster
[6] => deleteemptydirs.bat
[7] => formato_immagini.bat

foreach($dirs as $value){

if($value!="." && $value!="..")
  echo $path.$value."\\<br>";
   echo "is a directory<br>";
   echo readdir($mydirectory2)."<br>";;
   while(($dir_name = readdir($mydirectory2)) !== FALSE);
    echo "  ".$dir_name."<br>";
   print "<hr>";
and here i can't get thru...

it prints: is a directory<br>
this part: [code]echo readdir($mydirectory2)."<br>"; [/code] prints a .
and this part : [code]echo "  ".$dir_name."<br>";[/code] just prints

It wont tell me whats inside dir... I'm guessing the problem is that windows uses \ instead of /
so i have to use "\\" each time and i can get confusing... but this should be so simple can't figure out why it doesn't work...
please help!!!

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I have windows and the slash doesn't seem to be a factor

Here is the code I use to read a directory

$dir = "c:/Inetpub/wwwroot/phpforum/pdffiles";
if ($handle = opendir($dir)) {
   while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) {
        // This gets rid of the . and ..
        if (ereg("[a-z]", $file)){
                  print '<a href="path/to/files/'.$file.'">'.$file.'<a><br />';

Works for me fine


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