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include files in php

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I have read the following tutorial Including Files in PHP - Beginner Tutorial and i still have some questions. I came across this when working on my current project.
I have all my php files under following directory:
So all my php scripts are under code directory as shown above....
No i want to include files within my php scripts that are from a directory that is not inside /var/www directory.
I want to have a include directory that inside /var directory so my include directory is /var/include.

My question is how do i include files in my script that are located in a directory that is outside the /var/www directory as in my case this is /var/include directory...

Do i need to enable read permissions for my web server to be able to read files from /var/include directory??

Please advise...

Thanks for help in advance..

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nope you dont, easiest way to do it would be to change




for every ../ you add it will jump back 1 directory :)

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