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computer problem: system recovery loop thing


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Okay so my brother calls me and says he went to turn on his computer and it starts up a system recovery, prompting him to skip or go ahead with it.  He says if he opts to go ahead, it starts the process and when it's done, it restarts his computer, but it starts the system recovery all over again.  He says if he opts to skip it, it restarts his computer, and same thing; system recovery. 


He says that it does not give any kind of error message or reason behind this system recovery.  I am in no way shape or form any kind of expert when it comes to this area of computers, so I'm appealing to you guys to see if anybody might know what might be causing this, or point me in the right direction as far as googling or something.


Any ideas?

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wow! crayon! long time no see!  Gladd to see you back.


On a more related notes, do you happen to have the restore cd with drivers?  drivers are optional, but I would just pop in the restore cd, format the comptuer, and go from there. It sounds to me like a system recovery has been made to reset his comptuer back to the exact date and time that a system recover was made, thus creating a loop.  I've seen this happen with our GeekSquad counter at Best Buy.  Pretty much we deemed the computer a lost hope, orderd restore cds from the manufacture, and just wiped the drive.




in essence :)

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Eugh, system recovery. My mum's partner is forever using this tool, for no apparent reason. Im sure its the reason why he has so many problems with his computer, which I then have to fix.


Anyway, I havn't used system recovery in a while, but don't you get the option to roll back to various dates? Perhaps its worth trying to roll back to a date futher in the past. If that's not helping, any chance of getting to the boot menu? The 'last known good configuration' does occassionally work.

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