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Is there a way i could authenticate as the owner of a directory???


I would like to have read and write permissions in a folder but the nobody user(guest) must have only read permission in the same folder.


.htaccess just does basic authentication but doesn\'t give me permission to write and locks the folder for the nobody user.


Is this possible with Apache???

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I\'d create another folder that does the writing into the directory you speak of. That could be done simple with a .htaccess file. Otherwise you would use a database with usernames and passwords and only load a page if the username and password is present in the database. But I think it would be much simpler to put the write files into another directory.

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This has been playing on my mind a little and I remembered something. Using the <Files> </Files> tag can protect specific files in a directory.




<Files write1.php write2.php write3.php>

htaccess lines....





I think it would be best to have different pages for the writing as I don\'t think there is a way for apache to assign users read / write permissions in the way you describe.

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