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Stuck with navigation menu in php

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Hi there,
I hope there is anyone who can help me with a problem i am completely stuck with:
My mum is a professional singingteacher and trying to help her out I agreed on fixing her a website for her singing-studio (me and my big mouth), unfortunately I got totally stuck on the navigation bar. I got the site to open with some fancy flash stuff and when the main page loads I wanted to have a menu-bar at the top from which you can navigate throughout the website. The problem is now, when clicking the buttons... nothing happens! And i have no clue where i should point the links to and where in the php-script i must type this. Basically, i am stuck, and i hope anyone can point me in the right direction so i can get this page to function as it should.

The above might sound a bit unclear: i have uploaded the not-so-correct-working-page and if anyone would take the effort to look at it and maybe come up with some ideas: thanks a million! (the site is in dutch but i hope that won't be a problem...)
The address is: www.annemiekmaissan.nl

thanks again!

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Make you the address on each link corresponds to the name of the page you want to link it to.

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