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Error 1265

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When my php script tries to submit my query, I get:

[!--coloro:#FF0000--][span style=\"color:#FF0000\"][!--/coloro--]Error 1265: Data truncated for column 'data15' at row 1[!--colorc--][/span][!--/colorc--]

My query looks something like this:

[code]INSERT INTO table1 (submit_date, data1, data2, data3, data4, data5, data6, data7, data8, data9, data10, data11, data12, data13, data14, data15, data16, data17, data18, data19, data20, data21) VALUES ('2006-04-29 12:50:07', '300000', '2', '400000', '1', 'good', 'yes', '275000', '7', 'Rick', 'James', '234-235-6434', '', 'first', '', '', 'rjames@email.com', '25432 Bundy Drive', 'Los Angeles', 'CA', '90007', '')[/code]

As you can see, data15 is a blank value (''). When setting up the database, the field was created with:

[code]ENUM("first", "second", "third", "fourth"),[/code]

data13 is exactly the same, but it is not a blank value, as indicated above. I've looked in the MySQL 5.0 documentation and it says that you can have blank values for ENUM data. It gives the example ENUM(one, two, three) and says that it would allow NULL, '', 'one', 'two', and 'three' as values. So I can't figure out what going on here, and can find very little info on this error.

Some help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Any ideas? If anyone needs additional information, feel free to ask.

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