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Array values as variables

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Hi There!

I am basically trying to get the value of the array only and make it a variable.

First my Code:

$text = file_get_contents("../ez_sql.php");
preg_match_all('/define\s*\(([^,]+),([^\)]+)\)/i', $text, $matches);
foreach($matches[1] as $key => $value)
   $value = trim(trim($value), '\'"');
   $data[$value] = trim(trim($matches[2][$key]), '\'"');
// show results:
foreach($data as $key => $value)
  echo "<p>Key: $key, Value: $value !</p>\n";

This will show me 18 different defines ($keys) what i need is the first 5 values as variables so it may look like this:

$username = $value[1];
$password = $value[2];
$dbname = $value[3];
$server = $value[4];
$prefix = $value[5];

i would then do what i need to do with them, just i am finding it hard to make the value a variable.


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no need to call the foreach function if you're certain it's only the first 5 vars

$username = $data[0];
$password = $data[1];
$dbname = $data[2];
$server = $data[3];
$prefix = $data[4];

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