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Backslash always required for URL file access?

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I looked through the Apache forum before asking this, but I didn\'t find anything relevant. It\'s similar, but not quite the same as the DirectoryIndex directive problem, I think.


I have direcories in my htdocs, so I want to be able to access them in the following ways:


http://myserver/sandbox/ (1)

http://myserver/sandbox (2)


(1) works like a champ, going to whatever I\'ve specified in DirectoryIndex, but (2) gives a browser error--NOT from Apache.


What can I do to auto-insert the backslash so apache doesn\'t think it\'s trying to access a file?




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Sorry for not following up on this after I figured it out.


In the httpd.conf file:


UseCanonicalName Off


That seemed to do the trick!



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