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I need the help of the form.  I am using PHP and connecting to MSSQL database :(.


I wrote a MSSQL query and tested it on the MSSQL Query Analyzer program where it worked great, did exactly what I wanted it to.  I integrated the query into a php script and I am getting:


PHP Warning: mssql_query() [function.mssql-query]: message: Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '.'. (severity 15) in C:\webapps\htdocs\ji\ji2.php on line 7 PHP Warning: mssql_query() [function.mssql-query]: Query failed in C:\webapps\htdocs\ji\ji2.php on line 7


Here is the php script along with the query:


$q = 'SELECT "estimate"."job number", "DEBTOR"."NAMES", "ESTIMATE"."details1", "debtor"."salesrep", "salesrep"."name" AS "csr", "estimate"."due date", "estimate"."order no", "estimate"."qty1", "estimate"."qty2", "estimate"."qty3", "estimate"."qty4" 
FROM "LIVEDATA_Dosrun"."dbo"."ESTIMATE", "LIVEDATA_Dosrun"."dbo"."DEBTOR", "LIVEDATA_Dosrun"."dbo"."SALESREP", "LIVEDATA_Dosrun"."dbo"."INVOICE" 
$result = mssql_query($q);


Any help is appreciated!

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Looking over your code there is a few things that I can say is wrong with the way you are doing things. I will admit that I don't do a whole lot with MS SQL mixed with PHP cause MS SQL sucks.


But here is what I saw:

1. some columns in your query have spaces instead of underscores "_" that will cause issues

2. you are selecting your database in the query.


Here is what I would suggest:

1. alter your table so there are no spaces in column names

2. run this to connect

  $conn = mssql_connect('server', 'username', 'password');

  mssql_select_db('LIVEDATA_Dosrun', $conn);

3. now run your query (this is your same query just edited to be easier to ready and follow)

  $q = "SELECT e.job_number, d.names, e.details1,

d.salesrep, s.name csr, e.due_date,

e.order_no, e.qty1, e.qty2, e.qty3, e.qty4

  FROM estimate e, debtor d, salesrep s, invoice i

  WHERE e.job_number = '53373'

      AND i.job_no = e.job_number

      AND i.csr_recnum = s.dataflex_recnum_one

      AND d.ac_no = e.debtor";

4. now you can run your result

  $result = mssql_query($q);


If I can be of assistance more let me know. I am always happy to help where I can.

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^^ agree with u ...


give a try :)


i am using an odbc connection to mssql with PHP and that works like a dream. Very fast.

use the sql tools to make your query, create an SP and then run the SP from your PHP code.

i have some examples if your interested.


the query indeed needs to be tuned to speed it up, not using tablenames for instance but aliases. tbldata t1 etc.

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