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Enter scores - Seed after 2 games

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Posted 30 April 2006 - 04:52 PM

I currently am using one table to display a tournament:

 id  int(11)
 age  int(11)
 game  int(11)
 day  varchar(25)
 time  varchar(10)
 field  varchar(50)
 team1  varchar(50)
 score1  int(11)
 score2  int(11)
 team2  varchar(50)
 diff  int(11)
 seed  int(11)
 pool  int(11)
 group  varchar(4)

Let's say I have a 4 team tournament, and the scores are this:

team1 score1 team2 score2
Reds 4 Pirates 3
Pirates 5 Astros 7
Astros 12 Mets 4
Mets 11 Reds 15

To get this data:

Team W L T RA RS Run Diff
Astros 2 0 0 9 19 10
Reds 2 0 0 14 19 5
Pirates 0 2 0 11 8 -3
Mets 0 2 0 27 15 -12

I am having to create the following EIGHT entries into my database:

team1 score1 team2 score2
Reds 4 Pirates 3
Pirates 3 Reds 4

Pirates 5 Astros 7
Astros 7 Pirates 5

Astros 12 Mets 4
Mets 4 Astros 12

Mets 11 Reds 15
Reds 15 Mets 11

And then doing the following PHP code to get them to sort and display:

$sql = 'SELECT id,team1, Sum(If(score1>score2,1,0)) AS Wins, Sum(If(score1<score2,1,0)) AS Losses, Sum(If(score1=score2,1,0)) AS Ties,Sum(score2) AS Allowed, Sum(score1) AS Scored, Sum(diff) AS Differential'
        . ' FROM tour'
        . ' WHERE age=10 AND day<>"Sun" AND (score1<>0 OR score2<>0)'
        . ' GROUP BY team1'
        . ' ORDER BY Wins DESC, Losses ASC, Allowed ASC, Scored DESC LIMIT 0, 30 '; 

I have thought about 2 different ways to change this:

1) When I update a score, add another record with the teams inverted and the scores inverted
2) Do a lot of work and create a "normalized" database - which I believe I need to do

My current update code is below - I am updating each record with an update button -

I have searched for the code to do a list box for each game and each age, and then update that record - cannot find it -

Update form for age 10


*/ connect to table here

$result=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tour WHERE age=10 AND day<>'Sun' ORDER BY game");
while ($i < $num) {

<table width="350" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" border="2">
<tr align="center" valign="top">
<td align="center" colspan="1" rowspan="1" bgcolor="ORANGE">

<form action="sat10u2.php" method="post">
<B>ID:<input type="text" name="ud_id" value="<? echo "$id"?>" size="1">
<B>Game: <input type="text" name="ud_game" value="<? echo "$game"?>" size="1">
<B>Team1: <input type="text" name="ud_team1" value="<? echo "$team1"?>" size="10">
<B>Score1: <input type="int" name="ud_score1" value="<? echo "$score1"?>" size="1">
<B>Score2: <input type="int" name="ud_score2" value="<? echo "$score2"?>" size="1">
<B>Team2: <input type="text" name="ud_team2" value="<? echo "$team2"?>" size="10">
<input type="Submit" value="Update">



*/connect to table code here

mysql_query(" UPDATE tour SET team1='$ud_team1' ,team2='$ud_team2',score1='$ud_score1',score2='$ud_score2' WHERE id='$ud_id'");
require 'sat10u.php';

I am sure some of you willing smart people could help me get in the right direction -


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