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comparing two dimensional array

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I'm having difficulty comparing 2 dimensional arrays.

coding :-
foreach($ary1 as $row)
foreach($row as $col=>$val)

I like to add one more array to make comparison. But foreach takes only one array. Is there anyway I can accomplish this.

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The foreach() statement takes one dimension at a time.

One way to compare two 2-d arrays is to create two temporary arrays consisting of the indices from the original arrays and the serialized content of the 2nd dimension. The compare the temporary arrays.

$ary1 = array(array('1','2','3','4'),array('one','two','three','four'),array('1','one','two','2','3','three'));
$ary2 = array(array('1','one','two','2','3','three'),array('one','two','three','four'),array('1','2','3','4','5'));
$tmp1 = array();
$tmp2 = array();
foreach ($ary1 as $k => $v)
     $tmp1[$k] = serialize($v);
foreach ($ary2 as $k=> $v)
     $tmp2[$k] = serialize($v);
$result = array_diff($tmp1,$tmp2);


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