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Javascript doesn't work right as PHP include

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I have a javascript in a calendar page to have events descriptions show up when you mouse over them. It works fine when the calendar is loaded on it's own (see [a href=\"http://cefc.naed.cteens.org/includes/cal/calendar.php\" target=\"_blank\"]this page[/a] ([a href=\"http://cefc.naed.cteens.org/includes/cal/calendar.txt\" target=\"_blank\"]the code[/a])), but when the calendar is included in a page as a PHP include() item in FF and Safari the javascript breaks somewhat (see [a href=\"http://cefc.naed.cteens.org/pages/events-test.php?id=7\" target=\"_blank\"]this page[/a] ([a href=\"http://cefc.naed.cteens.org/includes/cal/events-test.txt\" target=\"_blank\"]the code[/a])). I'm wondering why javascript isn't moving the div when it is in the include() item. I've tried hard coding everything into the second page instead of having it as an include item, but that didn't help - which means the problem obviously isn't the include, just something within the page it's being included in. Any thoughts or comments are welcome as this thing has got me really stumped. Thanks.

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