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Feedback wanted for my contact form app


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Hello everyone,


This is my first time posting on this site, but I'd like it to be the first of many :)


I've been working on a self-hosted PHP/MySQL contact form app which I have given the working title of "simpleContact". It's now at version 1.2 and I'm keen to see what people think of it under the hood as well as above it.


Design, functionality, code, tell it like it is.







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Contact form looks brilliant and good way of keeping validation.There is one problem if in firstname and lastname ikeep only special character it allows me .i hope u might have received some mail..


Rest, it work perfect.


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Fisrt time i'ver4 asid it on here...GOOD JOB.


if i was to be hyper critical, i'd make more of your name at the top.  Its a little lost and if I were you I'd make it bolder.  Your name is the best assets youve got in this business...be loud and be proud.



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