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Update form assistance

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I would like to change the following update form -

<FONT size=+2><B><I>Enter Games for your Tournament<BR><BR>
<BR><BR> </B></I></FONT>
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">

<form action="updatescores.php" METHOD=POST

Age: <BR>
<input type="checkbox" select name="age" value="7">7  
<input type="checkbox" select name="age" value="8">8  
<input type="checkbox" select name="age" value="9">9  
<input type="checkbox" select name="age" value="10">10  
<input type="checkbox" select name="age" value="11">11  
<input type="checkbox" select name="age" value="12">12  


Game: <BR>
<input type="checkbox" select name="game" value="1">1  
<input type="checkbox" name="game" value="2">2  
<input type="checkbox" name="game" value="3">3  
<input type="checkbox" name="game" value="4">4  
<input type="checkbox" name="game" value="5">5  
<input type="checkbox" name="game" value="6">6  
<input type="checkbox" name="game" value="7">7  
<input type="checkbox" name="game" value="8">8  
<input type="submit" value="Enter Scores >>">


I would like to have the following for updatescores.php:

When I choose the data for game and age, it brings up a php form that shows the following fields for editing for that age and game:

id team1 team2 score1 score2 diff

Where the Field names are:

id autonumber
age int(11)
game int(11)
day varchar(25)
time varchar(10)
field varchar(50)
team1 varchar(50)
score1 int(11)
score2 int(11)
team2 varchar(50)
diff int(11)
seed int(11)
pool int(11)
group varchar(4)

I have the following code - but it brings up ALL games instead of just the one that I want to edit:











*/code for connecting to database is here

mysql_query(" UPDATE tournament SET team1='$ud_team1' ,team2='$ud_team2',score1='$ud_score1',score2='$ud_score2' WHERE id='$ud_id'");





Please let me know if you have any questions - I would appreciate any help on this!


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