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$_POST limitations????

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i have a project duenext week and i am stuck with a problem with mysql query that im trying to run.


i have a very long query string posted from a different html form page. then this string is fed to my intrams.php page and all the keys and values are saved in a certain variable though $_POST, but when i run the query to add these new items to different table they don\'t seem to the first table, but the rest are just fine... and when i check to see if my tables have the data. all of the rest of the tables have the data, except for the first one, which is kinda weird.


here is a snippet of the code:



$first = $_POST[\'first\']; 

$last = $_POST[\'last\'];

$id = $_POST[\'id\'];

$tel = $_POST[\'tel\'];

$email = $_POST[\'email\'];

$gender = $_POST[\'gender\'];

$basket = $_POST[\'basket\'];

$volleyball = $_POST[\'volleyball\'];

$badminton = $_POST[\'badminton\'];

$football = $_POST[\'football\'];

$bowling = $_POST[\'bowling\'];

$golf = $_POST[\'golf\'];

$pingpong = $_POST[\'pingpong\'];

$racquet = $_POST[\'racquet\'];

$leagues = $_POST[\'leagues\'];

$setup = $_POST[\'setup\'];

$teach = $_POST[\'teach\'];

$beach = $_POST[\'beach\'];

$bonfire = $_POST[\'bonfire\'];

$tail = $_POST[\'tail\'];

$pep = $_POST[\'pep\'];

$tva = $_POST[\'tva\'];

$water = $_POST[\'water\'];

$web = $_POST[\'web\'];

$connect = mysql_connect("h", "u", "p") or die("could not connect to jowchie\'s database"); 

mysql_select_db("db", $connect) or die("i cant seem to get in jowchie\'s database, please contact him");

$tae = "INSERT INTO intram_contacts VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$id\',\'$tel\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$leagues\',$setup\',\'$teach\',\'$beach\',\'$bonfire\',\'$tail\',\'$pep\', \'$tva\', \'$water\',\'$web\')";

$sql2 = "INSERT INTO basket VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$basket\',\'$leagues\')";

$sql3 = "INSERT INTO volleyball VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$volleyball\')";

$sql4 = "INSERT INTO badminton VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$badminton\')";

$sql5 = "INSERT INTO football VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$football\')";

$sql6 = "INSERT INTO bowling VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$bowling\')";

$sql7 = "INSERT INTO golf VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$golf\')";

$sql8 = "INSERT INTO pingpong VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$pingpong\')";

$sql9 = "INSERT INTO racquet VALUES (\'$first\',\'$last\',\'$email\',\'$gender\',\'$racquet\')";

$result1 = mysql_query($tae);

$result2 = mysql_query($sql2);

$result3 = mysql_query($sql3);

$result4 = mysql_query($sql4);

$result5 = mysql_query($sql5);

$result6 = mysql_query($sql6);

$result7 = mysql_query($sql7);

$result8 = mysql_query($sql8);

$result9 = mysql_query($sql9);


the $tae variable with the query command doesnt seem to work... please, i need help on this i am a beginner. when i check all the contents of all the tables, they\'re all fine, but when i check to see if the intram_contacts table is ok, there is absolutely nothing but an empty set.

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Use a die statement and check if the query is having some issues.


Also ensure that you have supplied all the vlaues.

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also, check the post_max_size line your php.ini to make sure you are allowing enough data to pass.


a code suggestion: clean up the beginning assigns from post to normal by using a foreach loop. if you unsure what i mean, search the forum for: foreach POST

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i work with my php files through a remote ssh connection, and i do not have root permissions for the php.ini,


and thanks for the for loop suggestion...

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