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Help On CheckBox

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Posted 03 May 2006 - 08:10 AM

Sorry! i'm new to Javascript here and would like somebody to explain to me on how the code below works...
<script language="JavaScript">
function SynchMoves(which) {
  var ml=document.form1;
  if(which==1) {
  else {

function submitForm(val){

function valbutton(val1){
   var atleastOneRadioSelected=false;
   //f = document.forms[0];

   f1 = document.forms[1];
   //alert("The value in the 2nd form is"+f.text.value);
       var e = f.elements[i];
       if(e.type=="checkbox" && e.checked){
   //alert("Atleast value "+atleastOneRadioSelected);
   if(!atleastOneRadioSelected) {
       alert("You must select a record to " + val1);
       //alert("Do you really want to " +val1+"?");
       var ans1 = "Do you really want to " +val1+"?";
       ans = confirm(ans1);

     if (ans == true) {
      } else {
         return false;

I'm currently doing a PHP project whereby i have 3 buttons, Edit, Delete and Save in my index form.
I have checkbox for checking and when i checked the checkbox, press edit button, it will appear the edit page where it will display the initial records ready for edit.
For the delete, i check the box, press delete and it will prompt me to confirm delete...same goes for the save button.
But now my problem is when i clicked on the edit button for example, it does not produce the edit.php page with all the nesscary details for edit.So how do i go about this?can someone help?! TIA!

  <input type='checkbox' name='checkbox' value='$empRef'>
    <td width='60' bgcolor='$row_color' nowrap>

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