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Arrays and Foreach

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Lets say I have the following array

[code]Array (
[b_name] => Array ( [0] => Naquadah [1] => Remote [2] => These Four Walls )
[b_web] => Array ( [0] => www.naquadah.co.nz [1] => www.remote.net.nz [2] => www.thesefourwallsband.com )
) [/code]

I want to use a foreach loop to get the data out, but im not quite sure how to execute it properly. Below is how I imagined the loop would go, but obviously not working

[code]// Insert the bands into the database
    $bands = array();
    $bands['b_name'] = $b_name; // The Band names in an array
    $bands['b_web'] = $b_web;  // The Band websites in the array
    foreach($bands as $val){
            $b_name = addslashes($val['b_name']);
            $b_web = $val['b_web'];
            //$b_web = addslashes(validateWeb($b_web));
            // insert goes here

Can anyone help me figure out how it should really go?

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Well, first of all, you need to look at your design. What you're doing with a single array doesn't really make sense. You need to use either a 2 dimensional array or use 2 arrays.

I'm not sure why you're sticking them into an array before you dump them into the database either. If that's coming from some multi-listing form, you could easily setup the form to pass an array to the processing page.

I'm also not sure if a foreach is what you really want to do here... a simple for loop would get the job done.

But here is the syntax for a foreach loop:
[code]foreach($arrayname as $key => $val)
     // $key is the index of the array
     // $val is the value at that index

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i cannot figure out a way for you to loop that data, but to access it i think you would have to do something like this


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