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getting an ascii value of a letter

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hi i wrote a small encryption routine in visual basic and ported it to a few other programming languages but i really want to use it in php. However is there a function so i can get the ascii code for an individual letter and is there a way that i can pick each letter of a string individually for example


will loop and get T

then will get ther ascii of t 45(this may not be the actually number just showing as example)

then after it does that it moves to the next letter which is r

then to e then to e after that
and so on and so on

any help would be great thanks

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Use the [a href=\"http://www.php.net/ord\" target=\"_blank\"]ord()[/a] function and a for loop:
$str = 'This is a test string';
    echo $str{$i} . ' = ' . ord($str{$i}) . '<br>';


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