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I am stepping away for awhile, I was hoping to get some advice on the website. I know 100% that I am keeping the logo now, and I decided to do a lot more than i was originally considering. I am going to have my ethics on website programming, coding, design, and other things. I am going to have a section with free resources, like links to all the websites I have that are free, that I use as resources. Possibly I will be accepting submissions after it's up and running for tutorials, and how to's but, and I don'tknow what all else, I am a little worried about losing business, but I may be considering a section on advertising, where people can post ads when they need something done, not just web design related, but the bad thing is, I may lose a lot of business that way I am unsure whether I want to do that or not. Right now I just wanted advice on the main navs coloring theme. I am going to put status bar messages in there with javascript, and preload the image, I am also going to do something major with php on each page, I am just thinking about what. I will most definitely be accepting submissions from other designers about there ethics, and morals when it comes to coding, design, programming, and other website related fields. I am unsure of this too as it could also pose a problem getting business coming in, but I will do a lot as I intend to pour back a couple of thousand dollars in advertising once I finish my first few products. I am adding in meta tags, and optimizing the keywords after I finish the home page,
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