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Important: PHP Freaks.com Needs Your Help!

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I am going to try and reach out for our audience to help us keep phpfreaks.com going. We\'re looking for you as a viewer of our site to help us tremendously by doing a very very simple task. We do not want your money, we want something that\'s even easier and doesn\'t cost you a thing.


How can you help PHP Freaks.com? Click on the banners. That\'s it. If you like the product that you are viewing, either buy it or sign up for it if it\'s free. We\'re very selective on advertisers and we don\'t want to advertise things that you as a webmaster/developer would not be interested in. Some of these companies have really great services.


Let me share a few statistics with you. Today is October 9th 2002. This month (October alone) in the last 9 days, we\'ve displayed 107613 web banners on our websites at the time of writing this topic. (This is about 5 different graphics displayed numerous times) and we\'ve had 223 clicks for a Click Thru Rate (CTR) of 0.21%. That\'s not very good. We seriously need to bring that up or we\'ll lose our advertisers and eventually have to close shop.


The key to our finances on this website are advertising. Advertising keeps our website financed and keeps our server costs paid for as well as maintenance. That\'s the way over 50% or more of websites on the web stay in business, especially if they have their own web servers.


We\'re doing our best to not let our advertising campaigns get in your way. We\'ve designated a couple of small spots on our websites to run banner ads and we do not use a \"POP-UP\" type web banner which is very annoying. We\'re hoping that our community and our readers can help us stay in business by satisfying the companies who are paying for advertising to cover our costs involved in running a huge website like this.


I think I\'ve said enough. Please help us. It doesn\'t cost you anything unless you choose to buy something.



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You're damn right, Eric.


Everytime I come here I will click every ad. It's not hard, just 3 - 6 seconds of your time.

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