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Well it is totally broken in my IE6.
The corners of the small divs are square. The content (pictures etc) are way way down the page.

Anyways - I'll review it so in firefox...!
There is a bit of a rule about large headings - thats to make them images, where you can anti-alias the text.
Its up to yourself.

The small divs on the left - they need some padding for the content, i.e. Login, Register etc..

Your left container div is way too long and contains too many photos.
Your main page is 1.3 MEGABYTES - WOW Have we reached an era of MASSIVE webpages or what!?

The light green of the top header image doesnt match the dark green in the main divs on the right/left.
The green in your main middle div - Welcome to ....... .net is a lighter shade of green than on the left/right divs also.

The text in the header - planet of the gods - its a little hard to read.

Its an ok website. The greens everywhere need to be matched up.
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Where to begin?

1) weird nav styling... your links only have an underline when they've been visited, the hover effect is alright, but I'd make the hover color "pop" a little more.

2) Contact page is nothing but a mailto: link. Why? If the contact page is only going to have a mailto link, why create an entire page for it? Just have the nav link handle the mailto.

3) I'm surprised to find that you didn't use tables, but it doesn't even come close to validating and you include your CSS file instead of linking it. Bad idea.

4) What's the point in all the information in the lower left column? That could be added to the nav with a link to more content.

5) Your welcome message at the top of the main page says "Welcome to Plantofthegods.net". Shouldn't that be "Welcome to PlantSofthegods.net"???

6) Always have your header image link back to the index.

7) The photos in the nav on the left... either put a hover border around the whole thing or not at all. I also think all photos should react the same to a hover. Your photos on the index page don't really do anything on hover.
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