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Dreamweaver Testing Server?

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I am really glad that there is a Newbie section like this or I would feel really lame right now.

Dreamweaver is telling me I need to specify a "Testing Server". I get it... I need to either upload the code to a machine running PHP or setup my local machine to run PHP. But I'm running Windows XP. Am I correct that PHP is a Linux app? If so that's ok because I have a dual boot machine on my network I just haven't booted it into Linux in a really long time. It's a Suse 9 box and I think everything I need is probably on the disks though I'm not 100% sure.

Is this my best option or does anyone have a better idea or am I off-track entirely?

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PHP isn't a linux only app. PHP can run on any platform be it Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix etc. You can download a special app called WAMP which installs Apache, PHP and MySQL. This allows you to run your PHP scripts locally in a web browser by going to a special address: [a href=\"http://localhost/\" target=\"_blank\"]http://localhost/[/a]

WAMP is free and is open source. There are many other WAMP packages out their like easyPHP, xampp etx. However I fee that WAMP is the best one.

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