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Download Expiration

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I want to create something that will allow a download to expire after 1 download. I want to discuss on here diffrent techniques of doing this...

I was thinking about making it so that after the click it would switch an enum var would change in a mysql database to allow that link to be undownloadable. However i think first i would need to create a unique link for each download... How would i create a unique link.... Or perhaps just delete that line in mysql and there is no need for the enum variable....

Also since this only allows 1 download of the file.... if the person's download failed mid transfer that may a problem... any other ideas. I was also thinking about creating a pop-up window, and then after the download finish then the enum var would change after 100% is reached; however, i believe in that case it might be easy to trick mysql and close before 100% is reached perhaps... I'm in the brainstorming phase right now... Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone created a similar application?

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