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Finally getting around to this site after putting it off.


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Did all of the above, the spelling mistakes are just me being in a hurry, I have other projects waiting and need this done. I am go to be making a cms that spell checks, but until I get done with that, I have been hand coding using good 'ol notepad.


I had forgotten to upload the new css theme and could not figure out why nobody like the font or line spacing, lol.


Anyway, thanks for the input, I really do take it in and try to incorporate as much as possible.

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Change the header image's alt attribute to contain the text in the image. That is what the attribute is for. It holds little value for blind people that you inform them that the image is the header logo if they still cannot read what is on that. The best solution would be to have the text in the source and replace the text with an image using CSS.


At the login box it would look nicer if you either positioned the boxes next to their respective label text or if you added some whitespace between Pasword [sic] and the username box. Regardless of what you do (or don't) you should add a label tag around the text and link them to their input boxes.


At the top navigation bar it would look better if when hovering over the links the background change would span from the top to the bottom of it's container.

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We are going to replace the logo with some flash with action script. Right now it is just filling in the space until we can get the time to do it, which should be done in the next few days.


I do not know why there is the white background when hovering over the image, I did not notice it on any browser but IE after you mentioned it, so I will make sure that is fixed when the new header is rolled out.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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