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Handling bounced emails

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We have a PHP site that allows users to send email to large groups of users registered with our company. Usually these emails include attachments. The script that sends the emails picks up any invalid email addresses before sending mail, but once the mail has been sent, there are often literally hundreds of emails that are returned to the sender due to the recipient's server being unavailable for some reason or another.

This means that each time a batch of mails is sent out, the sender can expect a large number of bounced emails (each containing the original attachment) in their inbox.

Is there a way we can

1. Just note the addresses of those emails that fail (maybe store them in a database and generate a report later for the sender) rather than for each mail to be returned to the sender. OR
2. Get the mail script to keep trying the server for a while before eventually giving up. OR
3. If all else fails, at least ensure that the attachment is not included in the message that bounces back?

I'd really appreciate any pointers.


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