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*SOLVED* changing the file path -- this may be a real stupid question

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Hi I am trying to change a file path from one folder to another folder.

the main directory called mail_system
then there are two folders in the mail_system directory

one folder is called parser and the other is called templates

The script that runs this file is located in mail_system/parser
but the below line needs to get file contents from mail_system/templates

$message = file_get_contents("mailer_template.php");

how do you go about doing that? I know that you use ../ when you want to go down a directory.. but what if you want to go down a directory and then back up antoher directory?

wow it sounds too easy but i just cant figure it out

I figured it out.. I dont know how i couldnt figure it out before..

if there are some real real beginers out there all you do is put


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