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mysql select help

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Can anyone tell me how to make this SQL query mysql friendly?


select names.name_id, names.name, test.test_id from names INNER JOIN test ON names.name_id = test.name_id WHERE (names.used = 1 AND (test.test_id NOT IN(select distinct test_id from auth))) ORDER BY names.name



I get the error:


You have an error in your SQL syntax near \'select DISTINCT boob_id FROM auth))) ORDER BY names.name LIMIT 0, 30\' at line 1


I have the database in both SQL and mysql and it works in sql, just not in mysql, don\'t know if you can do what I\'m trying to do in mysql.


Much appreciated :)

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mysql does not (yet) support subqueries, just break them apart and use php to piece them together.

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