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Implementing a Go to Detail page on a Detail page.

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*EDIT* - I figured it out, all I needed was a second recordset for the next go to detail page :D



The proccess I ultimetly would like to have is:

Person clicks on link to go to the detail page for that specific link.

The detail page would output the information based on the URL parameter. THEN. I have a link to open a new detail page based on the current URL parameter. The second link would be a printable version of the first detail page.

If I fail to make sense check out my site, and see if it makes sense.


The user clicks on one of the available guitar tab links, that link opens the detail page based off the URL parameter. The detail page outputs the information simply enough. If you notice I have a printable version button on there. If you click that it opens the printable version. I cannot get it to correspond to the proper tabID it is supposed to open.

It always opens the first record in the MySQL DB.

Any thoughts?


Gee I hope I made sense :oops:

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