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Server not accessible

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I have a server in which all my friends can view the site successfully, however when I attempt to view it; I get the "Page cannot be found" error.
Any ideas why? (No the server is not on my local system, it is a purchased hosting plan.)
Also, I can access the cpanel fine...


Wow... For once windows did something right...
After all that I thought of the Network Connection Repair and it fixed the issue.
For all who don't know what that means...
[code]Start -> Control Panel -> Network Connections (Classic View) -> Right Click the connection you use to access the net -> Repair[/code]

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try doing a tracert his will trace the route from your pc to your server.

open CMD and type tracert yourdomain.com

it should list a series of hops between you and your server if any appear as ** then this coud be causing the problem.

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