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critique my site


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That looks great!  The only changes I would like to see is match the spacing between the bottom of "recent tutorials" and "contact us", and make the background colors of the headings (recent tutorials, etc) stretch the whole length of the div. And it doesn't validate - I get 33 errors.

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The site is really nice. I like the fact you stayed clear of tables and did everything in CSS. With that being said I do have to agree with Fearpig. The flash logo/banner is not needed for every page. I highly suggest shrinking the height on all subordinate pages and maybe make some static images for that space that reflect those pages specifically.



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I noticed instead of having smaller versions of images, you just shrink them.  This makes them ugly. 

For example this image: Adobe-Dreamweaver-CS3-256x256.png  is being shown at 70x70.  It's just really pixelated.  I would suggest having a 70x70 version to use.

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Snazzzzy ;)


This Design Is Generally Excellent



Butt..  :-\


Apart From The Stuff Mentioned Above The Only Thing I Dont Like Is

The Login Form (But That Is Just My PERSONAL Opinion).


Maybe Trying Adding Some Style To The Text Fields & Login Button.

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I suppose I'll add my two cents.


I like it, the colors match, and it looks clean, which IMO is a plus.


But, I don't like the way the login form looks, it seems to stand out to me, mainly because it's structure is so much different than everything else (unless you wanted to do that?). Other than that it looks nice and professional.

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heres my 2 cents.


having the title on a loop is annoying


try this:


one repititon, and then fade to some cool effect and then Purple Fusion.  It'll have more of an impact.



That's a good point, empahasize the purplefusion, and make sure to hold it for a while, then loop it back. The more you display your site name, the more likely it is someone will remember it and come back.

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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