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PEAR example don't work on Unix server

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I'm trying to run Service_weather package on my server. This package contants example "weather.com-extensive.php". It works on my home Windows PC.

I've installed PEAR and all packages I need on my server. When I try to run weather.com-extensive.php, I don't get any error message. There is just empty page in my browser.

I think code stops working here:

// Object initialization - error checking is important, because of
// handling exceptions such as missing PEAR modules
$weatherDotCom = &Services_Weather::service("WeatherDotCom", array("httpTimeout" => 30));
if (Services_Weather::isError($weatherDotCom)) {
    die("Error: ".$weatherDotCom->getMessage()."\n");

The code works before these lines.

Where is the problem? How to resolve it?

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