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mysql and php display..

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ok.. i havent got this one ..

what i'm trying to do is..

i got 2 data base.. one for pictures and another one for comments..

in php i got the method get so when a person click on a picture the get method searchs for the comment correspoding tot he picture and it display the comment..

i got this working what i can't get working are the fallowing..

in the comment sections i got a username field that when the user levaes a comment it uploads the user name to that field..

this si wroking but i can't get th username to display in php..

neight can i get the time that the user post the comment to be display.. i tried this but it didn't worked..

$sql2="SELECT FROM guestbook WHERE name='$getpic'";
well thats about it :-D i don't know how to get the other 2 rows username and time.. becaus ei'm using the get mothed for the current pic..

and if i try thr picname,username,date from guessbook..

it display all the picname and usenrmae..

so you get the drift..

has to be with the getmother so is only for the current picture..

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Use the select all operator in your sql query like so:
[code]$sql2="SELECT * FROM guestbook WHERE name='$getpic'";[/code]
The * means select all fields in the table

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i know.. select all but after i put that i have to put a variable that makes up for what i'm looking for and i don't want to make up a variable i simply want to get a value from the database

so this wwont work select * from table where name=$name AND username

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oh forge tit i get what you mean i was trying it like that the problem was i was writing it wrong..was forgetting the varriable array

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