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3d table

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Is it possible in Mysql to create a 3 dimensional table; ie one which has x fields, y rows, and z height? This may sound a little odd, but what I want is a table with 51 fields and 50 rows for EACH of my users. Each cell in this table would contain an 11 digit intiger, which would be a reference to another table.


At the moment, I am thinking I will have to create a table for each user, so I might end up with thousands of similar (in structure, not in content) tables. Is there a more efficient way of doing this, so I end up with one table which can accomodate all this data?





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why not make an index table, giving each user a specific id - then on another table where you want 50 rows and 51 fields per user, make one column user_id which can have 50 rows with the id 1, for user 1. not sure if i\'ve been clear enough. here\'s a bit of a diagram:


table 1 - user index

id         username

1          user1

2          user2


table 2 - user info

user_id      row      field

1               1          456456464

1               2          897897897


etc etc

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