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Div Layer Help!

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Hey. I'm very new to PHP and am in the middle of changing my site from html to php and have decided to use div layers, but I'm having some problems!

Here's whats happening
[a href=\"http://greys-addiction.net/netscape.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://greys-addiction.net/netscape.php[/a]

Can someone help me? This is what i'm using for my header:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="mystylesheet.css" type="text/css">

<TITLE>G R E Y S - A D D I C T I O N {dot} N E T</TITLE>

<body background="bg.jpg"> (<< this isn't working either lol so help there would be brillant!)

<img src="/layouts/layout005.jpg" width="800" height="600" position:absolute;top:0px;side:0pxborder="0">
<div style="position: absolute; left:32px;width:450px;position:absolute;top:456px">
<div style="position: absolute; left:540px;width:200px;position:absolute;top:250px">
<p class="head" align=left>Welcome</br>
<p class="contents" align=justify>
Welcome to Greys Anatomy Addiction the newest <i>Greys Anatomy</i> fansite on the web! The site is packed with information about the show and the actors
who star on the show.<br>

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This is a pure html problem, so I'll move it accordingly.

Perhaps you want to explain just what it is you expect to see - otherwise, how will anyone know what you need specific help with?


<tr><td align=center>

That makes no sense. You are apparently not using tables anywhere so remove the table tags. I have no idea what the closing style tag is supposed to do. The correct conclusion for an html file is to close the body tag, then close the html tag, nothing else.

This also makes no sense:
<body background image="bg.jpg">[/code]

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