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Insert .sql

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a .sql file is basically a flat text file that will create your tables and insert data when you put yoru fields in. Mostly what I\'ve used them for is backup. I load phpmyadmin, click export, and then export a .sql file which will create everything again if it goes down. Here is a sample of some stuff.


You create the db on your own, then here is a table:




CREATE TABLE `button` (

 `butt_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,

 `butt_name` varchar(150) NOT NULL default \'\',

 `butt_action` varchar(150) default NULL,

 `butt_link` varchar(150) NOT NULL default \'\',

 PRIMARY KEY  (`butt_id`)


That tells the mysql that if the db already has a \"button\" table to get rid of it and create one with these fields. Then you insert data into it:


INSERT INTO `button` VALUES (10, \'News - Add\', \'add\', \'admin_news.php\');

INSERT INTO `button` VALUES (11, \'News - Modify\', \'modify\', \'admin_news.php\');

INSERT INTO `button` VALUES (12, \'News - Delete\', \'delete\', \'admin_news.php\');


Hope that helps you. If it\'s not what you meant then let me know :)

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im using mysql on my harddrive for testing etc. and im i n00b :oops:


i no how to import from a .txt file but how to do export to a .txt file?

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