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website validation and snapshot tool

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I recently finished a small tool for anyones sidebar, this tool's features:

-make a snapshot of the tested website and display it
-check for XHTML and CSS validity ( using W3C validator )
-ability to display the position in the Top750 of www.silktide.com as well as the ranking score - if your page is listed there *g*
-checking for a webagogo.be result and score
-statistics about how many sites are valid xhtml/css and how many are not
-own database of submitted sites

Redirects are recognized by checking for meta refresh, javascript href.location and 301 header responses to retrieve the real domain name and create a snapshot of that one.

The output generated is valid xhtml and css.

A live sample can be found at: [a href=\"http://www.artviper.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.artviper.com[/a]
download @ [a href=\"http://www.artviper.com/script.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.artviper.com/script.php[/a]

in addition you need to add a stylesheet. Theres one included, but if you wish add your own.
Any comments, feature wishes or critics are highly appreciated.

Additions that will be made in the next version:

-load time display
-loading bar
-incoming google links to the tested site
-selection of snapshot size

to view the stats add this line anywhere:


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