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urgent help with memory exhausting, then time outs, now 504 errors

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okay, im new here, i have searched the forums as thats what everyone wants noobs to do before posting, the closest i could find was this dude being told to increase it to 128 meg for memory allocation for scripts in the php.ini which i think worked for him

i took thousands of photographs at the commonwealth games in march, and have been uploading them to my site through march, april and may, however, last wednesday, i created a new empty album on my gallery (im using this gallery application installed onto my site gallery.menalto.com) and it said memory exhausted of 8 megs, my host put this up to 16 megs, at which point again, it said memory had exhausted, so they put it up again to 17 at which point it said the 60 second message, so i went into my php.ini file and changed the setting to 0 for unlimited and also bumped the allocated memory to 128 megs, and now, after a few minutes it just says the site isnt responding when im in internet explorer, it says error 504 connection timed out

i have under a thousand photos in the commonwealth games album, the other albums work okay, in this album, there are about 20 nested albums but all photos are around 100 kb in size, i cant see how one day it works very well, the next day, it starts displaying these errors, i only know the very very basics of php since i started hunting down answers for this, but i program in vb so php is foreign to me.

i dont understand how so much memory is being used, when it wasnt the other day when it was working, but i dont know where to start, the error messages it pointed to before i changed the settings, was to various lines in various files, however one of the main ones was util.php but i dont know what info you guys need to be able to help,

so please let me know if you want me to post any code or anything like that


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[!--quoteo--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]i cant see how one day it works very well, the next day, it starts displaying these errors,[/quote]

If you made no changes to gallery code, the server may have made some changes affecting your gallery.

If you are getting 504 errors your gallery is definetly broken. Look into php, and mysql changes on your server. Upgrades can have devistating effects on a website.

I use gallery 2 and have no problems with it, but then I don't have the number of images you do.
The only changes I had to make to the php.ini was for larger uploads
Your best bet would be to post your problem at the gallery support forums, since they are more familliar with gallery.

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i have but no one replied as of yet

[a href=\"http://gallery.menalto.com/node/48773\" target=\"_blank\"]http://gallery.menalto.com/node/48773[/a]

but its weird that i havent made any major changes, infact. all ive been doing, is using remote gallery to upload photos and that has worked ever since i started using it half a year ago, ive never made any changes other to the server or anything, it was when i created a new nested album that it crashed, ive read others have the same problems but they use there own code/scripts, this im using is written and so i cant think its like trapped in any infinite loops which caused other users there memory error.

would it free up memory if i deleted albums? which im trying to avoid as users have commented on my photos

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What version of gallery are you using?

version 1.xx uses a flat file db, so removing albums would free up memory.
version 2.xx uses mysql, so it probably wouldn't make a diference removing albums...

the more I think about it, the 504 suggest server issues. or gallery is timing out for whatever reason.

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