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can someone tell me why this don't work..

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if the person got a record this supost to change it if they cahng eit but instead it just puts a new one..
$checkpic=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM userpic where username='$actuser' LIMIT 1")or die(mysql_error());
if($check > 0){
$update=mysql_query("UPDATE userpic  SET  name='$filename',username='$actuser',datetime='$datetime', size='$filesize', type='$filetype', path='$filepath' WHERE username='$actuser'");
$sql2=mysql_query("INSERT INTO userpic (name,username,datetime, size, type, path)VALUES('$filename','$actuser','$datetime','$filesize', '$filetype', '$filepath')");
header('Location: http://www.travesurahouse.com/testphp/');

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Looking at the code, I'd say it's because the test if ($check > 0) fails. Take a look at where $check is determined and if/how it gets to this script.

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