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Feudal Times - http://feudal-times.net

It's a browser based game I made.

The main page is a valid xhtml strict :) tableless design (+ajax)

The ingame interface is a bit older that's why it has normal tables, but with some ajax, css. and nice looking buttons.... Well I shouldn't make a review of my website, please you make it XD

Comment, thanks for any feedback.


p.s. the game is in php5 oop + mysql

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just signed up to play...one problem that i see...if a city name is already taken, it kicks you back and erases all of the form fields...


dont know if there is anything that can be done about that, but it bites to have to re-enter all of your information again...


btw:  Sir Lancelot, MontyPython Empire, Castle Anthrax  ;D


also, the ads look very out of place, but you have to make money on it somehow, right???

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Thanks for playing it.

Haven't thought about this form problem :S You tried all 3 towns? It must be annoying :) sorry.


the ads really don't generate much money just few cents a day as there isn't much players yet.

And it was the place I found... just looked like a place for ads :)

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email confirmation thing dunt work... entered a gmail.com email address but I'v never received any email?


...and i'v always thought if the adds aren't making money yet, not much point in showing them?


Adam x

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