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Problems with OCIFetchInto

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I have PHP 4, i can't use oci_fetch_array and i use OCIFetchInto, but i recieve warning:

Warning: ocifetchinto(): OCIFetchInto: ORA-24374: define not done before fetch or execute and fetch in /home/db.inc.php on line 161

My code fragment:

function Fetching($cursor)
return FALSE;
$keys = (array_keys($row));
foreach ($keys as $k)
return $result;

$sql = "SELECT VALUE FROM scott.table1";
$statement = OCIParse($DB, $sql);
$execute = OCIExecute($statement);

while ($row=Fetching($statement))

This code is printing true results from table, but mostly with ORA-24374 warning. I used this code for different tables and sometimes this code returns results without warnings. Why there is warning? Maybe fragment if(!ocifetchinto($cursor,$row,OCI_ASSOC)) isn't ok? Please, help me!

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