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Im new to PHP, I just have a few questions.

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As the title says im new to PHP, i really dont know a lot about it. Im in the stages of making a website and i want an easier way to update the website, ive been told that PHP would be the way to do it. Im not exactly sure which way to go about it though. I think i need a Content Manager for this? ive looked up a few content managers and at times they have me baffled. Can anyone reccommend one to use for someone just starting out?

Any help would really be appreciated, or if im going wrong somewhere it would be great if someone could show me the right directions.

Thanks in Advance.

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well that sort of depends on what kind of content you want.

are you looking to do a blog type site? commerce site? news site?

mambo and phpnuke are some decent general content management scripts. also, cubecart is alright online store script.

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