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Shopping Cart - return url

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Dear all

I have to setup a shopping cart system through epdq, and have a question.

When a customer has paid for the product, what is the best way to tell if they have made payment or if the order got canceled\card declined? There is a sucesses payment return URL option I believe, so I guess I could make a php page to mark in the database if they get returned to that page or not, but what would stop the customer looking in the code and simply copying the return URL and bypassing the payment?

Any help would be great



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Payment gateways/proccessors usually let you define what the return/redirect page is. In their documentation, they will tell you what values are returned, and it is up to you (If you are coding your own cart ) to take that information and create the success/fail page.

I personally use Sunshop ([a href=\"http://www.turnkeywebtools.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.turnkeywebtools.com[/a]). I suppose I could code something similar...but why reinvent the wheel. The payment proccessors are already intergrated and the cart has more than enough features. *shrugs* I dunno. Plus, it comes with templates/themes...and I dont have the time to create a few templates + code a cart from scratch.

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