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unlink help please


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hey guys i need info on how to incorparate a variable in this.


$fileToRemove = " picture.jpg";

if (file_exists($fileToRemove)) {

  // yes the file does exist


} else {

  // the file is not found, do something about it???



ok so my script is an uploader that upload images and puts the info in a database.the file is moved to a folder.

now i can delete the info but not the pic


so im calling the unlink function


in my delete file i call to the url with a get


now i wan't to do the same in my delete picture.


in my delete .php

$delRT = "DELETE FROM employees WHERE numero = ".$_GET['numero']."";


now i wan't to put in the unlink

.$_GET['photo']."  cause it contains the pic name


but when i try to put it in between the ' ' it gives me an error..




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