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Help with Surfing Results Page

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I have a surfing site at [a href=\"http://www.emeraldcoasttraffic.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.emeraldcoasttraffic.com[/a] and have daily surfing compitions and would like to put up live stats so they can see who is surfing the most does anyone have any idea of how I do this? I tried to find a counter for each individual page but it will count the main page also not just what there surfing... any suggestions would be helpful.... If I had to hire someone to create such a page would it be expensive?



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You would have to place a script on each page to count the number of times the page is viewed and update either a flat file or a database and then you'd have to figure out where to stick the stats in.

To pay someone to do this shouldn't be that expensive. If you want to go that route, post in the freelance board.

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