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heeeellpp plz -- need help on phpinfo() function!

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I run php 4.3.3 with Apache 2, I read something about this being unstable, could this be responsible for the next problem?

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I am having problems with the phpinfo() function. Links to the site with this code do not work, typing the address in makes my system instable, but every once in a while when I type it in and I am lucky I actually get to see it. Although that was a little while ago, I havent gotten lucky in a long time. If anybody has an answer for this i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for ur time.


The source code for the page is simply:








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You do not need the HTML tags to view the phpinfo() information, you can just have it like this:






Make sure the doc is in your htdocs folder and then just open it up by having this in your address bar:




If the filename is different just make the adjustments as necessary, if the page does not come up make sure that your Apache installation is working:




If nothing comes up then there is a problem with your installation. If Apache 2 is becoming unstable for u, try using Apache 1.3

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